Volunteer Drivers

As of July 5, 2016, we have transported 4,552 crew members this year!

The people that work on the cruise ships come from all over the world and do everything from housekeeping to navigation to working in the casinos to dancing in the shows.  When their ships come into port, the crew members that are able to disembark have very limited time to call their families, pick up prescriptions, buy a sweater, enjoy a meal off ship, or visit a Seattle hot spot like Pike Place Market.  With the help of our volunteers, we provide the crew members with reliable and safe transportation from the ship to downtown and back.

Driving shifts are approximately from 8am-3pm, every day that there are cruise ships in port. Generally this means every Saturday and Sunday, as well as 2-3 week days per week from May – September. You can help if you can drive once a month or three times a week – every bit helps.

Requirements: Valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

We have a great group of volunteers – but this summer, we’ve have lost some of our volunteers due to job, family and health commitments, so we are looking for a few more volunteers to help us finish the season strong.  Do you have 1 or more days that you’d be able to give as a shuttle driver?

Email Ashley or call 206-935-3439 today if you’d like to volunteer.

ATTN: Current Volunteer Drivers! 

See the calendar below for the driving schedule in case you need to verify when you will be driving, or take a look at the current schedule. Please contact Ashley if you have any questions!

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