Our Staff

In addition to the faithful service of our volunteers, a dedicated and committed team team of staff serve at the Seattle Seafarers' Center. They exude a deep love and passion for maritime ministry in Seattle, and they are grateful to all of you for your support of time, donations, and prayer. Say hello to them here!

The Rev. Cristi Chapman [Executive Director]

Email: chapman@mts-seattle.org


Cristi serves as Executive Director of the Seattle Seafarers Center (SSC). At its core, the ministry of the Center is a ministry of connection. Seafarers connect with their loved ones around the world. The community connects with seafarers by knitting hats for ditty bags, visiting ships, and learning about the lives of these brave souls. Everyone who engages with the Center connects with deeper part of themselves, too. Cristi is passionate about connecting people together and about helping others discover their own gifts for ministry. That includes the practice of ministry of presence and hospitality with seafarers. She is delighted to lead this vibrant, critical ministry in Western Washington and looks forward to working with all those who so faithfully care for merchant and cruise ship seafarers.


Cristi is an Episcopal priest ordained in 2017. Most recently, Cristi served at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle as an associate to the Rector and as the Canon for Spiritual Growth and Stewardship. Cristi also served as an intern for the SSC in 2016. Prior to ordination, Cristi worked at the University of Washington for 15 years as the Director of Cost Accounting and at KPMG for five years.

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Ken Hawkins [Emeritus Executive Director]

Email: kenneth.hawkins@comcast.net


Ken served as the Executive Director of the Seattle Seafarers Center (SSC) for 12 years. Ken was a fervent believer that that mission of the SCC was "to build people up." That's what he did! "Big Ken" was known both locally and internationally as a passionate advocate for seafarers. During Ken's tenure, SSC laid a solid foundation for maritime ministry in the Puget Sound, establishing a successful internship program, creating a vibrant transportation ministry especially for cruise ship crews, growing the overall volunteer base of the SCC, overseeing the merger of the Anglican Mission to Seafarers and the Catholic Apostleship of the Sea, and, of course, serving seafarers who came into the ports of the Puget Sound. Ken retired from the Center in February 2021. 

Our Board

Left to right: Dave Stockert, Joe Cotton, Christine Klimkowski, Adam Conley
Not pictured: Dan Irwin, Michele Barutha

Dave Stockert 

David Stockert grew up in Dayton Ohio. He graduated from Ohio Northern University. After two years in the US Army, Dave settled on a job in the Pacific Northwest for Procter and Gamble, sales division. After 10 years Dave moved to a career for Holland America Cruise Line. After 30 years he retired and began driving the van for ship crew. He wanted to give back to crew who helped him for many years with ship promotion events. He is presently serving as President of the board.

Christine Klimkowski

Email: Christine.klimkowski@gmail.com

Christine Klimkowski is a pilot trainee with Southeast Alaska Pilots and sails offshore on cargo ships and research vessels as Chief Mate and Master. She joined the board because of her first hand experiences in missions all over the world. She values the safety and human connection that the mission provides.

Joe Cotton

Joe Cotton is currently the Director of Pastoral Care and Outreach for the Archdiocese of Seattle.  He oversees chaplaincy programs in jails, prisons, hospitals, and ports throughout Western Washington.  Joe has served on the board of directors for the Seattle Seafarers’ Center since 2018 and supervises the archdiocesan Seafarers’ Ministry, which is the Catholic portion of the center’s ecumenical partnership.  Joe has been a professional lay minister for over 20 years, serving as a parish youth minister, social worker, international missioner, and juvenile detention chaplain.  Joe holds a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies from Seattle University.