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Apostleship of the Sea/Stella Maris

Apostleship of the Sea of the United States of America (AOS-USA), is the professional association of Catholic Maritime Ministers, Cruise Ship Priests, Mariners and all those who support the ministry to the People of the Sea. 


AOS-USA provides mutual support, continuing education, and intercommunication for Catholic Maritime Ministers

Stella Maris labors on behalf of the dignity and human rights of every person in the maritime community.


Sensitive to the complex church and social environment of today's world, AOS-USA offers men and women training and formation to prepare for Catholic maritime ministry.


AOS-USA operates the Cruise Ship Priest Program for the pastoral care of cruise ship passengers and crew. We ensure that only valid priests in good standing, who have their Bishop's/Provincial's permission to serve are onboard as Chaplains.

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AOS North America and Caribbean Region

An association of Catholic ministries in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean that serve seafarers, fishers, port workers, and all the People of the Sea.

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