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Hand-Knit Hats for Seafarers

Each year during the Holiday season we say thank you to the seafarers on merchant's vessels calling at the Port of Seattle by giving them Ditty Bags. These are filled with practical items that convey the love, concern, and compassion of our local community to the seafarers working to bring us the items we use and wear on a daily basis. Making and filling these ditty bags provides our community with an opportunity to take part in an international and ecumenical outreach ministry. 


Are you a part of a knitting group that is already or would like to knit hats for our Ditty Bag project? Every year, we receive close to 1500 knit hats from volunteers around the United States that we then include in our gift bags for visiting seafarers over the winter holidays. We would love to get an official list of those volunteers. So, if you are a part of a knitting group, please let us know. In addition to the hats, we also have volunteers that make 1500 cloth drawstring ditty bags for us to fill with essentials for the seafarers. There are patterns for ditty bags and knit hats available on our website.  This is something you can do as an individual or as a group, depending on your preference.

For the Ditty Bag Pattern, click here.

Hats should be made from machine washable wool and in dark or bright colors in worsted or Aran weight. Sizes suitable for adult men. There are links below to some free patterns but any knit watch cap pattern will be acceptable. 



Click here for "1898"

hat pattern

Click here for "Dylan's Beanie" hat pattern


Click here for the "Hope" hat pattern

Click here for the "Two-by-Two" hat pattern

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