Cruise Ship Driving


Each year as cruise ships come into Seattle, The Mission to Seafarers volunteers greet seafarers and offer transportation to the Downtown shopping district in exchange for donations that help us keep up the vans and pay for fuel. The people that work on the cruise ships come from all over the world and do everything from housekeeping to navigation, to working in the casinos, to entertainment. When the ships come into port, all of the guests disembark, and then some of the workers are given time to leave the ship while others remain on board to prepare the ship for the next group of passengers.  It is important that those leaving the ship can accomplish everything on their to do list and return to the ship in time for it to leave the port. Driving shifts are approximately from 8am-3pm, every day that there are cruise ships in port.  Generally this means every Friday through Tuesday from May – September.  You can help if you can drive once a month or three times a week.


Please email if you are interested. 


Requirements: Valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.