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Seafarers – Do you Need any Shopping Done?

Are there necessities that we can purchase for you? Do you have any items you would like to request for us to purchase for you? Please email us at for anything shopping related.

In the email, please leave your ship name in the subject line, product name and description, amount of item, and image (if available).

For example: Seattle Seafarer Center (ship name)

- Head and Shoulders, Classic Clean, 400mL (1)

- Lenovo IdeaPad S145 (15'', AMD) laptop (1)

- Hershey's Nuggets, Chocolate Assortment Party Pack, 31.5oz (2)

- Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model) (1)

- Men's Athletic Sock 8-pair, White (Any Brand) (1)


We will be happy to purchase the items for you and bring it on to your ship.

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