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Seafarers' Charity Unveils New Look as it Adapts to New Normal

Date: 24 September 2020

Global seafarers’ charity Stella Maris (formerly known as Apostleship of the Sea) has launched a new logo, marking the start of its Centenary Year and commemorating World Maritime Day today.

The charity’s new logo and brand update unifies its global network, bringing together the various Stella Maris services worldwide into a single mission and giving it greater recognition in ports around the world.

The ‘Stella Maris’ name is recognised widely among seafarers, fishers, and their families who identify the charity’s chaplains and volunteers as “the ones from Stella Maris”.

“Our ministry has global reach and impact. Having a unified logo will help us publicise and celebrate the wonderful work being accomplished,” said Fr Bruno Ciceri, International Director of Stella Maris Network in Vatican City.

Effective immediately “Stella Maris” will be the official name of the charity, replacing “Apostleship of the Sea”.

Fr Bruno adds, “Stella Maris has greater potential for global reach and the term also translates well into non-Roman alphabet systems, including Cyrillic and Chinese. Both these language systems are important to the shipping industry and the crews of ships.”

The launch of the logo also coincides with the Feast of Stella Maris, Our Lady Star of the Sea - the charity’s patron saint - celebrated today.

The name and brand change comes amid the COVID-19 pandemic which has seen the maritime industry grappling with the challenges created by this new health crisis, including travel restrictions imposed by governments resulting in thousands of seafarers who have finished their contracts unable to return home.

“As we assume the name Stella Maris and refresh our logo our chaplains and volunteers are similarly renewing and refreshing their ministry to seafarers, fishers and their families,” says Fr Bruno.

“The traditional Stella Maris approach towards the provision of pastoral care needs to be revised in this crisis and we are finding inventive and new ways to be present on the docks and be a Church that sails with the people of the sea,” he adds.

Logo explanation

The new Stella Maris logo has been designed to sit comfortably within the maritime sector context while expressing the distinctive nature of our charitable service offering and Catholic foundations. Translated from Latin, the name “Stella Maris” means “Star of the Sea”.

The elements within the symbol characterise Stella Maris’ mission.

The anchor symbolises Hope: when the anchor is dropped at sea, it holds fast to keep the ship and crew safe - just as we hold fast to our hope in God to keep us safe.

The lifesaver symbolises Faith: when a seafarer falls into the sea, they put their trust in the lifesaver to save them - just as we put our faith in God for eternal salvation. The heart symbolises Charity: the heart of Christ is full of love for all - our charitable works are animated by the love of Christ. The rays of light symbolise the Light of Christ: the light emanates from the Heart of Christ (the heart), shines towards our Faith (the lifesaver) and is rooted in Hope (the anchor). And finally, the waves of the sea mark the environment for our mission - a source of livelihood for seafarers, but also a reminder of danger and death. Accepting and believing in Faith, Hope and Charity leads seafarers and their families to the safe harbour of Heaven.

100 years of supporting seafarers

Stella Maris was founded in Glasgow in October 1920 and established to support seafarers in need. One hundred years later it is the largest ship visiting network in the world, providing seafarers with practical and pastoral support, information, and a friend in times of need.

To watch a video about our new logo and to download Stella Maris’ new logo and brandkit go to


Further information for Editors

Stella Maris, (formerly known as Apostleship of the Sea), is a registered UK charity. It relies on voluntary donations, grants and legacies to continue its work.

90% of world trade is transported by ship. However, the life of a seafarer can be dangerous and lonely. They may spend up to a year at a time away from home, separated from their family and loved ones, often working in harsh conditions.

Stella Maris chaplains and ship visitors provide seafarers and fishermen with pastoral and practical support, information and a listening ear.

For more information contact Martin Foley, Chief Executive Officer on +44 (0) 7941231628 or email

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