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GiveBIG for Seattle's Seafarers!

Spring 2021


Every spring, the Seattle Seafarers' Center (Center) participates in GiveBIG Washington. Last year because of your generosity, the Center raised about $17,000 from individuals. This year, our campaign goal for the year is $25,000. Help us make that goal a reality!

Together, you and I make visible the invisible work of seafarers. While the pandemic has impacted how we do this work, it has not changed why we do it. If anything, the pandemic has made this critical ministry of presence with seafarers even more important.

You make this ministry possible. A financial gift of:

  • $25 provides ship access to a mobile hotspot for a day. Without MIFI, the only reliable access to the internet in the port is through use of SIM cards.

  • $50 fuels the Center’s fleet, one tank of gas at a time. Chaplains visit or transport seafarers in one of the Center’s four vans. In the last year, we drove almost 12,000 miles.

  • $100 fills about a dozen ditty bags with basic supplies and comfort items. We give away over 1,500 ditty bags to seafarers each December.

  • $300 covers the cost of SIM cards for a crew of a ship. Seafarers use SIM cards to call their families while they are in port. Each month, about 50 ships visit Seattle.

  • $1,000 offsets some of the monthly facility costs for the Center. Located close to Terminal 18, the Center’s physical space offers seafarers a safe, clean respite to rest and relax. It also serves as our office.

  • $2,500 provides a monthly stipend to an intern. This summer, the Center once again will resume its onsite internship program.

At its core, the work of the Center is about connection. Seafarers connect with their loved ones around the world. The community connects with seafarers by visiting ships, knitting hats for ditty bags, and learning about the lives of these brave souls. Everyone who engages with the Center connects with a deeper part of themselves, too. Your support makes this vital ministry possible!

To make a donation online, click here. You can also send a check to The Seattle Seafarers Center; 3568 W Marginal Way SW; Seattle, WA 98106.

Together, let’s give big to support seafarers and the Seattle Seafarers' Center!

With gratitude for you,


The Rev. Cristi Chapman

Executive Director, Seattle Seafarers' Center

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