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Our Ship Visitors

Our ship visitors are an essential part of what we do here at MTS. We have a few permanent ship visitor volunteers who come in on a regular basis, and many others who come in when their schedule permits.

If you are interested in this ministry, click here to get involved!

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Father Mac Murray


Father Michael LaRue

Ship visitor - Mikhail.jpg

Mikhail Kitsak
Speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and Romanian

Jenilee Policarpio

Devonna Gerimonte


Bob Gorman
Port of Everett


Karole Gorman
Port of Everett

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Deacon Earl Grout


Kristen Schultz


Carly Brook

Our Interns

The Mission hosts interns through several different programs throughout the year. Interns interact directly with seafarers as both ship visitors and drivers for the cruise ship program. In addition, interns have the opportunity to serve in various administrative and organizational capacities during their time with the Mission.

Summer Intern 2023


Siri Donlea

My name is Siri Donlea, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to intern at the Seattle Seafarer's Center this summer. As a rising senior at Occidental College pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology, I'm eager to connect with diverse individuals and make a positive impact on my community. I am motivated by the center's mission to serve seafarers and grateful for the chance to gain invaluable experience that uplifts marginalized communities.

Seattle Service Corps 2022-2023


Emily Dudek

Seattle Service Corps 2021-2022

IMG_9348 (1).JPG

Julia Cooper

Summer 2021 Intern


Gabe Maggio

Seattle Service Corps 2019-2020

Elly and Laney.jpg

Elly Green and Megan Laney

Summer Interns 2019

Gabe Maggio


Jack Ipsen


Ann Marie Jawili

Seattle Service Corps 2018-2019


Tony Noyes


Guy Crumpler

Seattle Service Corps 2017-2018


Andy Rodgers (left) and Karen Sargent (right)

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