Gardening and Facilities


We have 6 garden containers at the Mission to Seafarers in which we grow vegetables for our visiting seafarers and to donate to the local food shelves. 


This is a completely volunteer-run operation that allows us to use our resources to give back to those around us. We will need volunteers throughout the summer to sign up to come water the garden, pick vegetables and deliver them to the food shelves. In addition to the garden, if you are interested in helping with landscaping, painting, and keeping the inside of the Seattle Seafarers Center clean (vacuuming, mopping, windows, dusting, etc.), then we can use your help. 


There are great opportunities here for volunteers that have an hour or two every week, or once a month that want to take on one task to help out. You can work in the daytime when the office staff are around, or in the evening when you are more likely to also meet visiting seafarers.  We can make arrangements around your schedule.

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