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Basic Services for Seafarers

Our mission is to welcome and care for international seafarers who visit the Puget Sound (aka, seafarers on merchant ships). We visit those ships and provide pastoral presence, so crews know they are known and appreciated. We also offer (for a nominal fee) SIM cards for sale and limited personal shopping for basic necessities. 

We also transport crews during brief shore leaves for personal shopping and tourist activities. Those also continue during COVID when ship captains grant shore leave access. This summer, the Center is also connecting ship crews with COVID vaccines and transporting those crews to receive vaccinations.

With the approval of the captain and upon request, we offer communion and other sacraments to crews.

During the pandemic, we also offer very limited personal shopping to seafarers for basic personal necessities. This is available when staff and volunteers have capacity to make shopping runs. Crews may also have packages shipped to our Center. We will then deliver them to you when your ship makes its port call in Seattle. If you have a package shipped to the Center, please address the package as follows:

Ship and crew member name; ℅ Seattle Seafarers Center; 1011 SW Klickitat Way, #209; Seattle, WA 98134

As the pandemic begins to subside, our physical center is beginning to reopen to seafarers again. The Center includes free WIFI, a comfortable area to rest and play games (video games, pool, and basketball), a quiet area to call home, and a chapel for quiet reflection.

Finally, during cruise ship season, we offer low-cost to crews to/from the cruise ship terminal and downtown.


In short, we care for seafarers!